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[Photography] Canon EOS Rebel XTi for sale!

So, lord knows enough other things have been going on, but at least work's been going smoothly (or better than smoothly), and I've got my photography to keep me sane.

In that keeping-myself-sane vein, I've finally taken the plunge towards pro-level equipment and picked up the Canon EOS 40D. This means I'm potentially going to sell off my old Rebel XTi; Vonda was thinking of taking it, but decided that a DSLR is a little much for her right now.

So! I'm going to offer it up to friends, and if no one is interested I'll just keep it around as a spare. What I'd be selling:

  • Canon Digital Rebel XTi (black)
  • EF-S 18-55m f/3.5-5.6 'kit lens.'
  • 2 spare Canon XTi batteries (3 total) plus travel charger.
  • 2GB SanDisk CF card.
  • Canon wired remote shutter release.
  • Canon IR wireless line-of-sight shutter release.
  • USB cable
  • Small padded carrying backpack for aforementioned items.

The disks and manual have long since been misplaced, but both can be downloaded from Canon.com freely. The camera has been upgraded to the most recent firmware, and is basically still in like-new condition despite fairly regular use. (I take good care of my photography equipment!)

Since the camera body + kit lens still go for about $480 used on Amazon.com, and this includes spare batteries (important!), a decently large storage card, both of the remotes Canon offers for the XTi and a carrying case, I'm figuring on $650. Obviously, if you cannot come pick it up or I cannot easily drop it off, in the case of my more-distant friends, I may have to add $10 or so onto that for UPS!

Anyone interested?
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