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[Photography] New Lens, and Resolution

I just received a really wonderful new lens as a gift (two, really, but one is in a class by itself), and so this weekend, I made a point of getting out and taking photos again.

I didn't focus on the technical aspects; a few photos have too much noise, and I'll clean them up later. I just focused on getting out and shooting photos, enjoying myself. I shot in my neighborhood, I shot along the canal, and I shot in Discovery Park tonight with my friend Shay. I've tossed up a few of my favorites from the weekend onto my Flickr stream.

Photography, like horses, is one of the things that helps keep me sane and relaxed. And I've realized with some family stress going on, I need that right now. So Shay and I are going to try and make a pact to go do photography together at least one weekend out of a month.

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