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Only you can prevent...

So, at work, we need this new build system. Our old one was neat, but it was tied too heavily to our old project... we need a newer, more flexible one.

So one of my coworkers and I sat down and have thus far hashed out the core of a largely reconfigurable build system called Smokey. (It watches for and catches 'fires' in the code trees...) And I'm remembering how much I hate Perl (the language with No Coherent grammar! Results can come before ifs! Things don't need parenthesis if you don't want them! Etc.), but it is working well.

So, I was feeling productive, right up until the point I remembered we have a five-hour-long class this afternoon, and I'd left my laptop at home! *Waaaaaah!*

Thankfully, Kieri is a great person, and is willing to bring her forgetful roommate her laptop!

Still, maybe I should try to write an even more generic version of this Smokey system outside of work, to release. I'm sure other open source projects out there could use it... it'd be nice to have automated build/test/release capabilities for lots of things!
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