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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Geek] The Return of Colossus

A reconstructed Colossus computer -- familiar to students of WWII cryptography -- will be cracking codes at Bletchley Park once more, as part of a Cipher Competition meant to raise publicity and funding for the new museum of computing and cryptography that Bletchley Park is to host.

A bit of a geek-squee moment for anyone interested in classic cryptography. (And a good read for anyone who isn't that familiar with how important Bletchley Park and the Colossus computers were to Allied military forces in WWII.)
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Cool article! Wow.. took 14 years to rebuild Colossus. The British and their secrecy.

Glad it wasn't the Colossus from the cheesy 1970's movie The Forbin Project.

A mischievious thought

Colossus can probably crack codes faster than a modern PC running Vista ;-)

Re: A mischievious thought

"You are attempting to decrypt an Enigma transmission. Cancel or Allow?"

Re: A mischievious thought

"You are attempting to degfatr f Jtegvq flpotamdithu. Snerkl yt Ypres?" ;-)
Last time I was at Bletchley Park, it was during a RTTY contest, and since I knew who was most likely to be on and as strong as the signal they were copying, I "copied by ear", which challenged the docent to actually run a decoder program. I thought I was going to be caught out, but, he was only slightly more astonished than I was that I had it exactly right. I then owned up to the fact it was actually traffic analysis, rather than the capability to copy RTTY in my head. I can recognize a CQ, but that's about it. Some RTTY ops do claim to be able to recognize their own call, too.