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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Geek] Return to Babylon 5

Am about halfway through Babylon 5: The Lost Tales - Voices in the Dark. Without spoilering anything, it is somehow just /good/ to see that familiar station hanging in the sky once more with new stories to tell. And as before, they are not necessarily easy stories to tell.

There are only a few of the old cast in this particular one -- Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins and Peter Woodward -- and it was largely a labor of love for JMS and those three. But rumor has it that the others are interested in returning for future Lost Tales stories, if this DVD proves successful.

Either way, though the cast is small, these stories still /feel/ like a proper return to Babylon 5, and like they could be the beginning of a new chapter in that story. I am very glad I got this DVD!


w00t. I hope JMS and the gang are actually getting a fair chunk of change for this? They're getting jack-all for the series DVD's, which means that WB will be getting jack-all from me...
No clue. But it was apparently very much a labor of love on the part of those doing it.

I will say that it ends with Sheridan reflecting that, "Babylon 5 is a place of beginnings, and endings. I wonder which this will be..." which seems to be a comment on the film itself. Either one last journey to the station, or the beginning of a new chapter.
For whatever it is worth, here is a shot of the Interstellar Alliance's Valen-class cruiser, the ten-years-on successor to the White Star. And here is Sheridan ten years on... older, changed a bit by ten years of politics, but still the Sheridan we know when it comes down to it.
There's no sign of the DVD at the U.K. Amazon store, not even a pre-order option.

But we have a DVD player and television that can show U.S.-format DVDs, and the U.K./U.S. exchange rate is two dollars to the pound, so I guess it's time to head over to Amazon.com :-)
Good to hear. I picked it up Tuesday and I'll be watching it sometime over the next day or so with a friend. I would love nothing more than seeing more of the old cast coming back together for additional episodes.
The only painful thing would be the empty spaces that could never be filled due to two of that cast's great actors having passed on.

They actually handle the absences plot-wise in a graceful and rather touching way. And the DVD extras include memorial films to both, made by JMS, Bruce Boxleitner and Tracy Scoggins.