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[Life] iPhone Usage

So this morning, I get my first incoming call on the iPhone. It is an unfamiliar number, but when I pick it up, it is Jen. She'd left her phone at home, it turns out, and was calling from a bystander's cell phone.

I didn't know that yet, all I knew was that my roommate greets me with, "Where's your insurance policy information?"

Never a good start.

Turns out there was a light out, and some older guy had run the intersection without noticing. Hit the Beetle square on, on the passenger-side front wheel. Jen is seemingly fine (though we're going to make her go get checked), but the Beetle's not steering properly and is leaking something.

So Brent and I drive over to check the car out. I call Geico. We sort out the claim and all, and I have the claim officer e-mail the claim information to my Google Mail account (which has it thus show up on my iPhone as a mail). When all of that is done, I enter the name of the body shop they're towing it to into the iPhone maps app, find the body shop's info, and 'bookmark' it. (Storing the address and phone number without having to make it a permanent contact.)

A bit later, the other guy's insurance calls; he's admitted fault, they'll cover everything, including a car rental for me. I get that information sent to me to Google Mail, thus having it on the phone. Then I enter 'Enterprise' on the iPhone, and it finds the nearest Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I click the phone number, it calls, I get an e-mail to send the insurance information to so that they can charge the rental; I go click on the insurance mail I was sent, forward it on, and the car rental is arranged for pickup at 11am tomorrow.

Then I get a call from the body/repair shop, and they say they're overbooked, but they'll send the car on to another nearby body shop that both insurance companies work with. I thank him, enter that body shop's information into the Maps app, bookmark it to have directions and the phone number, and voila.

I get another call from my insurance, saying the other guy's insurance has admitted liability, and so on. I send a quick e-mail to them (again from the phone) containing all the information, including the car rental agreements, and that's taken care of. La!

Suddenly, the iPhone has gone from 'shiny' to 'incredibly damned useful,' as it really kept me sane during this. None of this was stuff I could not have done on the Windows Mobile PDA-phone, but it would've been a struggle. Painful, involving some swearing and much stylus tapping. This? It was easier than walking over to the laptop to look up information and write it down or whatever. I was able to do everything from right there in the parking lot, or in the passenger seat of Brent's car, or whatever.

I've gone from 'shiny toy' to 'wow, this thing is really useful.' More to the point, Brent -- who watched all of this -- has gone from 'yeah, whatever' to 'I think I want one.'

Count me a convert. It's not a perfect device, but damned if it didn't keep me sane today!
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