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Tinkering, FF Sparks (Madgirl)

[Geek] Meet iPing, the shiny!

I have succumbed, drawn in by the lure of the shiny. So shiny...

(Though, I do so with a very valid reason!)


That is a fricking awesome bg image :)
I tried a bunch of pictures, but that one is crisp and bright and looks cute and cheerful no matter whether you're holding the phone horizontal or vertical. So I keep coming back to it. :)
You order you i phone...

I just ordered my birthday present to me

A very cute lolita girl dress! If it fits, i can be Loli-vally! that sounds so cute and sweet..

The i phone is more expensive tho...

do you have a mac to go with it
I do dual-platform, yeah. I have both PC and Mac, though the Mac is my day-to-day machine outside of work-dev stuff.
thats cool. I am thinking about getting a mac book pro when the new OS is released in October. I have been taking a lot of pictures, and i think it would be more useful than a windows machine.

now, in your experience, is it true that Macs are generally less problematic than windows machines? Also, do you find that macs slow down as the get older like windows does?
All computers slow down a bit as they get older, if you don't keep removing extraneous stuff. Linux computers do the same thing, after all.

That said, I've found that in general I prefer the experience of Macs; whether or not that's universally true, I find that Macs work better for me for writing, mail, photography work, and so on. They just tend to work the way I personally find 'natural,' and I say that as a switcher.
Read today's post; I have no regrets!
Plus, dude... business expense!