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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Photojournalism FTW!

The 'YouWitness News' amateur photojournalism service that Yahoo and Reuters run just accepted this picture and this one which I submitted. Whoot!

In case those links go bad, the two photos are here and here on Flickr.

Neither is my best work, but both captured moments of the Solstice Festival here in Fremont reasonably well, and I was trying for a more photojournalistic composition instead of artsy. (Though among my larger collection of Solstice photos, I got a little meta... I took pictures of the professional photojournalists taking pictures of the parade.)

Anyway, whoo! Now I sleep.


Very cool! Congrats!
*Very* good... The body paint shot had a little of your usual quirkyness in it... but both the belly dancer shot and its caption could've come straight out of the P-I (and there's this one P-I photog that's really good... she likes to do images reflected in peoples' glasses...)

Glad to see you having yourself some fun, too. :)
I'm proud of the body-paint shot; it captured the feel of the bicyclists and the detail people put into the body art, without actually showing any naughty bits that couldn't be in a news photo.

The line of dancers, I like because that was a conscious effort to go for a photojournalist-style shot, based on some stuff Stuart Isett talked about for 'capturing a scene.' I got lots of pictures of individual dancers, details on costumes, and one of a dancer in outline against the clouds. But this one, I thought the most impressive thing was the sheer /length/ of the line, so crouched down very low on the ground to get it and used the widest angle I had on that lens, specifically to exaggerate the effect of the line stretching off into the distance.