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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Life] Ow...

I just spent the evening at the ER, where I learned I tore up the ligaments in my right hand. No wonder I've been in a lot of pain! So, if I'm not online as much right now, that'd be why. Giving the hand a break.

Happy almost-30th-birthday to me...
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No; that was the left hand, this is the right.

The doctor thought the ligaments were stressed by overuse -- working in the communications field as a software engineer, I do a lot of text-messaging as well as a lot of typing -- and basically that was a form of repetitive stress injury. That's apparently very very common these days, and would explain why my hand was achey Tuesday.

The fact that I went from stressed to torn up a bit...? The best guess was that going, 'well, it's just an ache, I can ride and do stable chores' Tuesday evening was stupid. After all, I showed up at the stables achey and uncomfortable, and by the time I went home I was nauseous from the pain. And then it didn't get better Wednesday, so...
Well, take the Vicodin and our hugs, and be well soon!