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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Life] Ow...

I just spent the evening at the ER, where I learned I tore up the ligaments in my right hand. No wonder I've been in a lot of pain! So, if I'm not online as much right now, that'd be why. Giving the hand a break.

Happy almost-30th-birthday to me...
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owwie indeed. *hugs offered*

Hope your birthday is happier than this...
Aiee. *BIG HUG!* You rest up and get well, kiddo. And feh. You ain't old. Now back in ninety-aught eleventy-twelve, when I was a youngin', you stil wouldn't be old. Yer a whippersnapper still for a while.

Yeah, yeah, old man. I know the spiel. :)

Good to know that you're doing reasonably well, though!
*hugs* I know how you feel...
So I gather. Sorry to hear it. :(
Ow, ow, ow! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, or at least a steady supply of strong pain medication.

And a wonderful birthday, no matter what.
More hugs your way, and don't sweat the age thing.

No one who meets you is going to notice your age, 'cause they're too busy noticing how beautiful you are. I also suspect you're going to have that working for you into your nineties.

And Counterweight is right, you're still just a whippersnapper.

Any idea of how you did it? From what you've told me, it's sounded like you just woke up the other morning with torn ligaments, and that doesn't make sense to me.

Is there any chance that this is some fallout from having hurt the hand last year when you fell?
No; that was the left hand, this is the right.

The doctor thought the ligaments were stressed by overuse -- working in the communications field as a software engineer, I do a lot of text-messaging as well as a lot of typing -- and basically that was a form of repetitive stress injury. That's apparently very very common these days, and would explain why my hand was achey Tuesday.

The fact that I went from stressed to torn up a bit...? The best guess was that going, 'well, it's just an ache, I can ride and do stable chores' Tuesday evening was stupid. After all, I showed up at the stables achey and uncomfortable, and by the time I went home I was nauseous from the pain. And then it didn't get better Wednesday, so...
Well, take the Vicodin and our hugs, and be well soon!

Happy Birthday!

<Checks clock; yes, it's the 17th in your time zone too.>

Happy Birthday!

I hope your hand is healing.