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[Life] Random Life Update

Spent part of the day fighting off a migraine, lost my ATM/debit card (which has now been cancelled and I have to wait two weeks for a replacement), generally by the end of the day was exhausted and in a foul mood. Had lunch with shadowfey and kieri, and the topic came up that while I have a significant stress-factor in my life right now (as some know), I probably would be more human and sociable if I got more sleep. (What, you mean 3-4 hours a night isn't sufficient?)

I dragged myself to riding nonetheless, and felt much better for it. I've graduated to the outside arena, riding on sand in the open air, and that was nice. It's definitely a different experience on sand, and the arena is so much larger it's easier for Derby to run away -- plus, I was worn-down to begin with -- but I still felt good by the end of it. We were working on bending in and out while still moving straight, doing flatwork in the outside ring rather than trying outside jumps just yet, and the instructor said there was noticeable improvement even by the end.

Got home still tired and a bit bleh, lit some incense, took a long hot soak and scrubbed myself in pomegranate-mango bath gel and with apricot scrubby-goo, and generally made myself feel a lot better. After feeling a little more human for the first time in a while, went back downstairs and spoke to Jen at some length; she basically has ordered me to take two weeks of being in bed by 11:30-40 to read, with absolute lights-out at midnight. I've agreed, and we'll see how well I can stick to this, and what result it has if any.

I apologize to folks who've been wondering why I've not updated much, why I'm not on IM or around much online lately, and so on; my usual response to stress is to try and throw myself into Yet More Activities to distract myself, be it work or writing or whatever. So, we'll try Jen's route and see if it makes me a little more human again.

On which note, off to bed as per agreement, to read for 15 minutes and then lights out. Zzz.
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