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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?

[Random] Drama-Llamas... in SPACE!

I have no words to describe the 'bwuh' factor of this article, about Captain Lisa Marie Nowak, a mission specialist aboard shuttle Discovery on the July mission. She made quite a journey to confront and abduct her romantic rival. I'm...

Don't they psychologically screen astronauts?

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oookay. creepy.
What scares me is the difference between her NASA photo (second one) and her mug shot (first one).
I'm guessing that NASA won't let her fly again.
Why not? You know she'd keep anything bad from happening to that commander guy.

(not serious)
I'll say. I'm thinking the Navy will cashier her butt for conduct unbecoming... and, given that she's in jail sans bond, somewhere in the NASA bureacracy there should be a standard for job abandonment (I know our massive bureacracy does...)

My old boss always told me, keep your affairs out of the office...

And, yeah, she looks like hell in the mug shot. I gotta wonder about the psych screening myself...

'course, that reminds me of what a retired Navy medic told me once... they sent him to the pshrink after he was in a truly amazing bar fight, and he walks in to get his report, and he says,

"So, Doc, what's the deal?"
"Oh, you've got a few minor neuroses..."
"This is bad?"
"No, it makes you a great candidate for a SEAL... "

(Ironically, he later got to tag along with those crazy people on a few adventures he can't talk about.... )

But, yeah. Nutty as a fruitcake. Too bad that didn't happen in Virgina. The insantiy plea there gets you minimum 45 days in state hospital, or until such time as they get you straightened out. In general I'm not a fan of, ahh, re-education... but this...

Well, that's why there are juries and judges, to make such calls.

I knew NASA Manned Space was FUBAR'ed, but jeez. Ella es loca in la cabeza, si.
Whoa. That's crazy scary. Diapers and assault, how wonderful. Good for the other woman for being appropriately suspicious and getting the hell out of there.

oh my beloved ice cream bar

Perhaps if we occupy her mind with more duties, we can control her... Space Madness!

Seriously. I'll bet she uses it as her defense.
Either a space bug got to her, or that Oefelein is one heck of a guy.
And you thought ham radio operators were geeks with no lives- She's KC5ZTB.

Some astronauts just fall in the shower.