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[General] Barenaked Ladies are Meteoroids!

(Hrm, I need to redo my 'Out and About' icon to have my newer jacket. ANYWAY!)

Saturday during the day was spent hanging around with Andrea and FJ during the day (and taking a few photos at Granville Island, despite the rain). We had fun: we drooled over Playmobil toys we wished we'd had as kids (Playmobil FORENSICS DEPARTMENT... with little modeling clay crime scene so you can leave footprints if you use the safecracker Playmobil guys with it!), wandered in and out of stores, tried on about 4 thousand different hats that made us look silly, we went our separate ways, then FJ and I headed off to the concert.

And into traffic. Yargh. We ended up missing the turn into the stadium parking lot, and having to circle the stadium -- which took 10 minutes! -- to get back there. Finally made it in, got to our seats and settled down. The opening act, Tomi Swick, was clearly still a bit overwhelmed by such a crowd. He kept commenting between songs how cool it was to be opening for BNL, and thanking everyone for coming to the opening act, and generally being a bit hyper and edgy. After a few songs, he settled down, and some of his later stuff wasn't bad at all. His backup guitarist also looked EXACTLY like Hyde from "That 70's Show," which was a source of some amusement.

After Tomi Swick left the stage, there were some little notices that went up on the television screens. Info on biodiesel and alternative energy, tidbits like that the BNL tour buses have been converted entirely to biodiesel (and in some cases, hybrid engines running biodiesel), places you could go for more information, and other "greening" initiatives that BNL are throwing energy behind.

Then the screen changed to showing the "Barenaked Ladies are Me" album title... and we saw a hand write in completions to the title, then tear it away and start over. "Barenaked Ladies are Mediterranean," "Barenaked Ladies are Mechanics," "Barenaked Ladies are Meteoroids," and so on. This went on for a while... and then the 'Numa Numa' song started playing. Finally, the whole thing ended with "Barenaked Ladies are Messing With You," whereupon "Messing With You" was torn away to reveal "HERE."

The concert was pretty standard for what I've heard BNL concerts are like. A mix of old and new songs, combined with random ad-libbing of new lyrics, and on-the-spot jamming of entirely new songs. Such as when Ed's wireless mike malfunctioned, and he said he "had a problem, and needed a bald guy," explaining that both their techs were bald guys. This led into an impromptu jam session of "Bald Guy Parade," a song they made up on the spot to try and get all the bald members of their crew up onto stage to dance with them.

They were clearly just kind of having fun with it. Steve flubbed the lyrics to "Shoebox of Lies" at one point, and so sang just, "And I can't remeeeeember this part!" After which he apologized, and Ed said it was his fault because he'd messed up a guitar line earlier and distracted Steve. At which point, Kevin called out, "Well, see, what you didn't realize, Ed, is that your messing up that line caused me to mess up my guitar solo THREE SONGS AGO!"

They riffed about Costco being better than Wal*Mart (and buying a replacement stadium roof in a two pack, just in case), they made up all kinds of silly statements about the recent windstorms and the harsh winter ("So, we sent you our Ontario winter... it was very nice of you not to send your rain back in return. But now you know how we feel; usually, my kids are freezing their nuts off. *pause* My kids are squirrels, of course.") and generally just had a lot of fun.

At the end, we managed to get them back for three encore songs. By the time they finally left, FJ turned to me and asked if the show was really ending so soon, at which point I had to point out that they'd been dancing on stage for nearly 3 hours.

Was fun. Soon I have to drive back to Seattle in the rain, though. Bleh! And I'm tired. :)
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