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[Seattle] Market Fresh!

Today, dad and I did the usual 'daddy/daughter day' stuff, wandering around doing errands and walking the dog and all. But early on, dad spotted something he really wanted to look into, which ended up eating a fair chunk of the morning. Luckily, the people there were accomodating and told me to take all the pictures I wanted, to pass the time. ;)

Market Fresh
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
For fellow Seattlites in my area, a new Asian market has opened in the old Larry's Market building in Oak Tree. They have all kinds of specialty foods including whole ducks with feet and heads attached, pig intestine, chicken feet by the pound... they had an entire pig's head, fried!

They also have a lot of the snack foods and specialty things you'd normally find down at Uwajimaya, including Pocky and Ramune and Calpis and Milkis and taro-jelly candies, and so on. They also have fresh (as in 'live, swimming around in a tank') fish, various specialty produce, and so on.

They ALSO apparently have various other ethnic foods -- including Russian, Arabian, Indian and South African -- in much smaller sections of the store, though my dad and I didn't investigate too deeply because we'd already been there for a while. Anyway, won't be my main shopping place, but if you swing by the Oak Tree mall, it might be worth a look. It's certainly a UNIQUE market, to say the least!
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