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[Photography] The Wings of the Past...

Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
Took a bunch of pictures today at the Museum of Flight. A total of 220, of which I uploaded 17... a few of planes in the main display hall, a few from the WWI exhibit, and several shots from the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.

Some of the shots were challenging; I didn't really have time or space to conveniently put the tripod out. I'd like to go back sometime earlier in the day and try some of the WWI and WWII exhibits properly, with the tripod. But even still, it would've been hard to get the right composition with the tripod!

So, I shot almost every single picture with my 50mm lens, using wide apertures and a high ISO. It was enough to let me take stuff handheld, and the lens is good enough that the shots still came out reasonably well. I /do/ definitely love my nifty fifty...
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