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Cute, FF Sparks (Girly)

[General] Fashion!

Yes, I know, I still haven't posted a general life update. Eventually I will. Here, in the interests of proving I am still alive (and that I can adapt my jeans-and-a-turtleneck outfit to actually be semi-stylish), is a post nonetheless.

So, the other day, kieri, shadowfey and I all went to the Seattle Premiere Outlets shopping center, primarily so Fey and Jen could go to the Le Creuset outlet. (I disagree that it should be called Seattle when it's in Tulalip, nearly an hour north of Seattle, but I digress!) While there, I got a pair of very cute boots (supposedly-$92 boots for $25... I love factory outlet stores), which have been combined with my favorite stripy scarf and the denim jacket that brent2005 got me for Christmas. I like the resulting outfit!

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These are teh awesome! The first one is neat, in a way, because it's like...you are a little blurry, like soft if that makes sense, and the trees in the background are so sharp and distinctive. I'm not sure if that was purposeful or not, but it's kinda artsy :) ANYhow, non-art-skilled-person opinion aside, these are really pretty shots of you!
The effect wasn't deliberate so much as the result of trying desperately to deal with a low-light shot without using my crappy flash. I thus had to do a fairly long exposure, and I couldn't remain as still as the trees in the background did. ;)

I do still really like the outfit, though! I should upload a picture of the cuteboots themselves and add it to the post, maybe. :)