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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Nifty Fifty

Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
Sometimes, light and texture are just what you need... ;)
I picked up a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 prime lens as a treat for myself, since it's under $100 and is a really nice lens for the price. Lightweight, good glass, nice wide aperture. (I think the f/1.4 is overkill, personally; f/1.8 is more than enough.) Hence the nickname many Canon users give it of the "nifty fifty." (Heck, it'd be a nice lens at a rather higher price.)
Had to go play with it a bit when I went to pick up some stuff tonight... I like this shot. It's a little grainy, since I shot it handheld at ISO 800, but I like the faint grain. I just liked the vivid color and texture... :)


Yes -- nice picture!
Thanks! I've been curious about the various joiner panoramas of the neighborhood you've been making, I admit... I've considered trying to do a view of Lake Union that way from Gasworks. Or of Fremont from the pedestrian path of the Aurora Bridge. What tool are you using? Just Photoshop, or something specialized?

I still haven't entirely found what I like 'best' in photography, though I keep coming back to light/shadow and texture. I'm sort of muddling my way through, since I've taken a grand total of one two-session photography course. I need to find some good classes in the area, I think.
The panoramas I make are done by hand, and pretty much the exact opposite way everyone says panoramas "should" be done. Autostitch is a program I've heard good about for doing panoramas.

Downtown from Gasworks is a good subject, especially if you shoot from the concrete apron in front of the gasworks itself, and not Kite Hill.

Try the Photo Center Northwest -- www.pcnw.org. See if any of the classes and workshops appeal to you.

Another thing that I've done is look at photography books as much as possible. I've bought quite a few over the last couple years, and checked out a bunch from the library.

It's good to keep exploring to find out what you want to do, rather than letting self-expectations control your decisions. I think sometimes that I've settled into this panorama thing a little too soon. Hah! That doesn't stop me, though.
A lot of my downtown pics are from that concrete apron at Gasworks, or the little water-walk below it. I think it's an underappreciated view, especially the angle you get on the Space Needle at night from there. :)

I'll look at PCNW; I've been pointed there before, but didn't really go through the courses thoroughly at the time.