Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

[Photography] Nifty Fifty

Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
Sometimes, light and texture are just what you need... ;)
I picked up a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 prime lens as a treat for myself, since it's under $100 and is a really nice lens for the price. Lightweight, good glass, nice wide aperture. (I think the f/1.4 is overkill, personally; f/1.8 is more than enough.) Hence the nickname many Canon users give it of the "nifty fifty." (Heck, it'd be a nice lens at a rather higher price.)
Had to go play with it a bit when I went to pick up some stuff tonight... I like this shot. It's a little grainy, since I shot it handheld at ISO 800, but I like the faint grain. I just liked the vivid color and texture... :)
Tags: photography
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