Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

The Horrors of Public Transport

So, I took today off to deal with a number of household things which I couldn't do on weekends, like find out why we were getting double-billed for electricity/water, both in our name and in the previous tenants of the house. I also took Skuld, my VW Beetle, to the dealer to get the leather protective coating put on and get the real license plates for it. They were out of loaner cars, so I went to take the bus home. (Which, from Factoria on the Eastside, to Northgate, is a lengthy trip involving multiple buses as anyone who knows Seattle can tell you.)

At one of the transfer points, this tall, pudgy African-American guy in his 40's or so walks over to me and points at his hat (which has an American flag patch on it).

"I wear this flag on my /hat/!" he barks out, loud enough to be heard down the block. "I wear it with pride! I wear it wherever I want, 'cause I'm an /American/! I was in the fuckin' Marine corps!"

"That's nice," I say with a smile. "My younger brother is an Airborne Ranger..."

Brief conversation on military service. I turn back to the bus schedule, to see when my bus will arrive...and I feel a hand on my shoulder and hear, "So...what's you name, honey-child? You married? Seeing anyone? 'cause I think we could really make a connection." Turn around...and there's the same guy.

I managed to laugh it off and he went away, but... this is why I prefer my car to public transit!! :)
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