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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Photo Prints!

So, two possible opportunities have come up. Firstly, to have one of my pictures (framed nicely, of course) hung in a local café, and marked as available for sale. Secondly, to sell prints of some of them locally.

This begs the question, however, of what pictures people think would be best for either? For the café, I'm thinking of either Mealtime, or Cathedral of Mass Transit. Maybe Needle by Night.

But for the print-selling, I'd need about 10-12 different ones, probably. So, if friends have any particular input on which pictures from my Flickr photostream might be good ones, I'd love to hear it. If I do end up doing that, I'm thinking maybe the ones listed above, along with Clockwork and a few others.

(Whisper, as much as I like it, cannot really be sold, as far as I know. Though it was taken in a public place, I'd still need model releases for the kids since their faces are visible. So Whisper isn't an option.)

Edit: The café owner actually said she'd rather have three small prints, rather than the initial one big one she'd suggested, and picked which three she wanted to have hung up. Bridges, Needle by Night and Perfectly Aged are the three she wants to hang for now. I'm still open to suggestions on which ones to do if I do the market sale, though.


I love the Cathedral of Mass Transit one. Not that the others aren't totally awesome, but there's something...more reflective maybe? I donno how to describe it. Maybe it's the black and white that makes it seem more artsy to me.
Second that.... I thought it was the best of the bunch, too. Although Whisper is really cute... alas, you're probably right about the rights.
You couldn't sell it as stock, but I think you could sell it as a fine art image. It was a public performance, at least.
I'm not quite certain on that, is the problem. I /know/ I'd need releases for selling it as a stock photo. I'm just not certain I can sell it as a print without permission.

I suppose I should ask my instructor, but still... probably better safe than sorry!
"Cathedral of Mass Transit" is superb. A breathtakingly good use of light and shadow and form.
It's one of my favorite pictures I've taken; it came out /exactly/ as I wanted, and the only thing I did was desaturate down to black-and-white (since I like desaturating channels in Aperture rather than using Canon's somewhat-less-rich onboard 'monochrome' shooting mode). No other editing required! It's also one of the ones people ask me of prints for most often.

I love working in black and white, but I think there's a time and a place for it; it shouldn't be used exclusively. For instance, I think 'Mealtime' would be ruined without the warmth of the wood, and 'Night Life' would be horrible without the rich colors of the neon.
I like Cathedral too.

Mealtime is cute, but for some reason I think that dark area on the right ought to be cropped out a little. Maybe it's just how it looks on this monitor, though.
Everyone likes Cathedreal, of course. =)

Also, Mushrooms in the Rain. And though it's simple, I keep flipping back to Ascent into Light.

Once they're hung, please tell us which cafe.
Mushrooms is kind of a guilty pleasure. I totally faked that shot; I had no macro lens, not even macro tubes, nor even a decent lens... just the Canon kit lens. So I lay down in the mud at the minimum focal distance from the mushrooms (with my aunt's two Aussie shepherds jumping on me going 'Play! Play!'), turned the lens to the biggest zoom I could, and click.

I had to turn the exposure up from the original RAW file, and I had to feed it through a noise reduction tool (which did an AMAZING job on it). It's still not as crisp as it could be, but it's one of my personal favorites nonetheless. :)
Personally, now knowing it required that much more effort, I like it better than had been the more straightforward product of a proper macro shot.

I'm surprised the cafe owner selected Needle at Night. That one really didn't do anything for me.
I think, honestly, she just wanted the nighttime-pic-of-a-recognizable-Seattle-landmark shot.

That said, a lot of folks do seem to really like the Needle by Night one. It's not my personal favorite, but I DO like the different angle; usually the Needle's always shot from atop the hill, from downtown, or -- most often of all -- from Alki. This one was taken from Gasworks Park, and I like the lights of the various night-life visible beneath the Needle, and the reflection on the water.

Not my favorite night shot -- that would have to probably be Night Life -- but I like it enough to not really question her choice on this one. :)