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[General] Photo Prints!

So, two possible opportunities have come up. Firstly, to have one of my pictures (framed nicely, of course) hung in a local café, and marked as available for sale. Secondly, to sell prints of some of them locally.

This begs the question, however, of what pictures people think would be best for either? For the café, I'm thinking of either Mealtime, or Cathedral of Mass Transit. Maybe Needle by Night.

But for the print-selling, I'd need about 10-12 different ones, probably. So, if friends have any particular input on which pictures from my Flickr photostream might be good ones, I'd love to hear it. If I do end up doing that, I'm thinking maybe the ones listed above, along with Clockwork and a few others.

(Whisper, as much as I like it, cannot really be sold, as far as I know. Though it was taken in a public place, I'd still need model releases for the kids since their faces are visible. So Whisper isn't an option.)

Edit: The café owner actually said she'd rather have three small prints, rather than the initial one big one she'd suggested, and picked which three she wanted to have hung up. Bridges, Needle by Night and Perfectly Aged are the three she wants to hang for now. I'm still open to suggestions on which ones to do if I do the market sale, though.
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