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Photography, Camera

[Photo] Seattle Sunrise

Seattle Sunrise
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.

Sometimes, early mornings can be worth it...



Nice one.
fire in the sky! fire in the sky!

hey Rachel, have you tried some reallllly long night exposures at a large f-stop

I did this one for 20 seconds 2.8 (on accident of course, i intended the shot to be at 22) and i just love the color and detail. you really should play with it :D It's fun (But hard to white balance...

I have tried a few; none of them came out well enough that I wanted to put them into my photostream, alas. I do love doing night photography, though!
I found a good trick... you need to be able to set your white balance in kelven tempature. Set it to around 3000-3300K and the colors come out rather well... most of them come out really really red, because the auto white balance modes are often set too high for night shots

good luck
Another awesome pic. I totally loooove the orange. Even w/o the tripod, this is great. It seems like whenever I want to take a sunrise or sunset pic, the colors and sky change SO FAST.