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Photography, Camera

[Photo] Streetlight on Snow

Streetlight on Snow
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.

I get back from Washington, DC, where it's been 64 degrees and sunny... to find it is snowing and iced over in Seattle.

Remember, folks, global climate change is just a myth! ;)



great picture... I like the color and the mood... perhaps you should bring out the hightlights in the snow on the ground and the bush... you dont want to do the entire picture, because you dont want to touch that sun and lit background... because thats pretty back there.
The contrast (the darker bushes, with the streetlight gleaming on the snow) actually works really well in a print. It was sort of what I was going for. ;)

I might toy with the highlights a bit, but I generally try not to alter the image too much from how it came out of the camera; I consider a lot of the fun/challenge to be getting the picture right on the 'film' as it were. Which doesn't mean I won't tweak, just that I really try to avoid it.

I may bend that a bit to experiment with HDR, but my tripod got smashed up on the way back from Washington, DC -- :( -- and you really need a tripod for the sort of bracketed shots you'd do HDR with.
ahhh shucks, you shouldnt be afaid of a little post production work... heck half of the art has always been taking the picture, the other half has always been in the dark room.. Heck, people have been cropping, masking, doging, burning, and adusting contrast for years before photoshop ever came along...

I'm a geek though.. my photography teacher in high school smoked a lot of something in the 60s.. and it made him the most the most stubborn and strickt SOB out there who never ever gave an A. of course i wonder if im the only geek out there who did a litho film project in a begining photography class... Now i shoot mostly Fuji Velvia... no digital camera will ever match the quality of Velvia 50!

but alas, this week i put in an order for my Nikon D80... It was hard for me to choose between the Canon and Nikon, since they are both really good.. I guess because I have a student who works at Nikon, and my photo-mom just bought the D200 (i promiced myself not to switch till she did)

good luck with your goal... but dont be afraid to be do a little tweaking here and there, it can be really fun... and photographers have been doing it for years.

i'll let you know when i get some shots online, if you are at at interested... (aka. i need critisim too)

and FIX that tripod before you go crazy