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Photography, Camera

[Photo] Streetlight on Snow

Streetlight on Snow
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.

I get back from Washington, DC, where it's been 64 degrees and sunny... to find it is snowing and iced over in Seattle.

Remember, folks, global climate change is just a myth! ;)



you were here and didn't call! aww! :)

you look GREAT in that picture in your icon btw! :)
*laugh* Thanks! That was a random 'camera in hand, shot in the mirror' picture for an 'Online Photography School' assignment. I just thought it also made a good "Photography" userpic. :)

And yeah, but I was there with family! Almost no time for socializing!
I also wanted to post and mention how much I like this picture of you. It makes you look almost as good as you look in the flesh. :)
I agree! That's a really great pic of you!