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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Riding] Derby Tongue

Derby Tongue
Derby Tongue,
originally uploaded by RainPacket.
I know I haven't posted to my LJ for a while. And I probably won't post anything of note here for a while yet; I'm pretty snowed-under by RL, in a number of ways. However, here's a picture of Derby doing the 'tongue hanging out' thing that I've described in previous posts.

Clikc the picture for a bigger version. La.
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I'd been wondering if'n you were OK... thanks for posting. I think I might be able to lay hands on a few Elizabeth Moon books I need to get back to you... I really liked the one that ends in the bar with all those rival admirals singing...
That's the last of that series, yeah. I still love Lady "Admiral" Cecelia.
Cute photo!

(I hope you don't mind my commenting--I just wandered in randomly from [Bad username: blue kitsune]'s lj and liked the picture. A couple of my horses used to do a very similar tongue thing.)
No, random comments are always welcome. And nice to know my beloved big dork of a horse isn't completely unique in the world with the tongue trick. :)
No, random comments are always welcome.

Ah, that's good.

He's a handsome fellow, now. Doesn't strike me as a dork at all. Or at least not more than any of mine have been. ;-)

(Which, granted, may be slightly dorky. I had a mare who _knew_ that someday we'd realise she was one of us and let her live in a proper house and stop leaving her with all of those _horses_. ;-)
Roman tried to eat pizza someone had at the stable, once. He's also tried to eat my sweatshirt. I think he's part goat, though he clearly thinks he's a person and should be allowed junk food et al.

Derby's at least a little saner about food, even if he's got quirks in other ways. ;)


That was supposed to be bluekitsune from whose LJ I wandered in, btw. Sorry I goofed on the html.