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Aang (Sad)

[Obit] Michael Scanlon

Got back from riding (and yes, I know I have been forgetting to make my riding posts here, instead of just on the SFF.net groups), to find out that Michael Scanlon -- not to be confused with the Abramoff lobbyist of the same name -- had passed away.

I recognize this is going to be the first a lot of my flist folks who knew Michael hear about it; the word's only just trickling out. I'm told full details will be posted to the Vanguard list later tonight. :(

Michael was one of the early graduates of Clarion West, and helped to start Writer's Cramp, one of the two writing groups I belong to (though I've been sadly remiss in attending lately, due to schedule insanity). Writer's Cramp is, of the two I belong to, by far the harder group to impress; with professionally published authors and a sort of 'audition' you have to pass, if you can come out of a Cramp meeting without feeling that your writing has been dissected on the operating table, then your story is actually in pretty good shape.

I first met Michael, who was the one who recruited me into Cramp, at Vanguard. He's always a nice guy, albeit one who has some challenges in later life due to multiple sclerosis. Every Vanguard I attended, I always sat to chat with him for a while (lately, generally getting friendly needling about my not having been at Cramp).

Today he slipped and fell, struck his head, and developed a hematoma. The swelling was what killed him; he passed away at Harborview Hospital, where he had been taken taken. Since it was an accident, the ME has to examine the body before releasing it, so there's no official funeral or memorial plans right now. When something is scheduled, information will doubtless be put out among the Vanguard and Clarion West community.
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