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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Flickr

Yay migraine insomnia.

Anyway, I'm vastly behind on posting. And this isn't going to improve it -- I WILL catch up on the riding posts shortly! -- but I finally gave up on my old Gallery install, and have instead gone Flickr. For friends who are on Flickr, or who are just plain curious about my (dabbling in) photography, go look around.

Photos of Claire and horses there, as well as some of my random landscape photography.


I like Flickr and would use it more but currently, most of the stuff I post are WoW screenshots, and Flickr likes to make accounts private if it's mostly screenshots.
That and they've been acquired by Yahoo!, which bunch of yahoos has become infamous for spamming your email preferences, and last I checked was trying (independently of Microsoft, ironically) to impose a proprietary authentication system on email...