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Tinkering, FF Sparks (Madgirl)

[Noderunner] Update

The reload of the OS hasn't finished yet; there was a problem with the provisioning tool, apparently, and now it's just plain not finished. Seven hours on from the original 'backup done, reinstall fresh' request. I don't foresee Noderunner being back up before 4am Pacific time, and that's assuming it finishes really soon and I get EVERYTHING reinstalled and back up without a hitch.

I'm so, so sorry...


No worries -- and you should -definitely- not stay up until 4 am fixing the damn thing.

It's not like any of us pay for the service you provide. Free service = zero expectation that our sysadmin will kill herself keeping the box online.

That's an order.
Here, here!

Now have a good night's sleep, and go riding in the afternoon and let the stress drain away.