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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?

[Weird] Raid on Cult of Gor

Police raid science-fiction sex cult, as reported in the Telegraph. Apparently there's a cult based on the Gor books (which I must admit I've neither read nor possess much desire to), and this is a splinter faction of the Gorean cult/religion called the Kaotians.

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Damn! Someone beat me to posting HOUSEPLANTS OF GOR. That didn't come off the game forum; it's been kicking around for years. I read a quarter of a Gor book once, and gave up. I've always been mildly amused that there's a cult for the silly books.

I should point out, Rachel, that posting about Gor is not something you should do with a mood of "sore." Although your recent relationship with Roman does have a Gor-y tinge...

I'm just saying! :)