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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?

[Weird] Raid on Cult of Gor

Police raid science-fiction sex cult, as reported in the Telegraph. Apparently there's a cult based on the Gor books (which I must admit I've neither read nor possess much desire to), and this is a splinter faction of the Gorean cult/religion called the Kaotians.

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It's really just a kind of lame cross between Trekkies and D/S. People get their kicks where the will, and I'd hardly call it a 'sex cult'. The girl was there of her own free will but had been a complete idiot and burned her passport, and wanted to go home. So the police helped her out with that. They weren't breaking any laws.

Mind you, I still think it's dumb as hell, but I think that about a lot of people.

Actually, there're quite a few Goreans in Second Life. They bought an island or two and run about. Keep to themselves for the most part.
There are times when 'consent' and 'free will' can become dubious issues.