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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?

[Weird] Raid on Cult of Gor

Police raid science-fiction sex cult, as reported in the Telegraph. Apparently there's a cult based on the Gor books (which I must admit I've neither read nor possess much desire to), and this is a splinter faction of the Gorean cult/religion called the Kaotians.

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My anecdote pales in comparison, but ...

Twice I have encountered couples looking at the Gor books in Waldenbooks. In each case, it was the young woman browsing the books before saying with a quiver (a verbatim quote in one case), "Ooh, we haven't read this one yet."

I read twelve pages of a Gor novel once. That was my limit.
I read a whole one, on the premise that I should investigate for myself. It was every bit as awful as I've heard, sufficiently so that I cringed when hearing the book's author described as "an American philosophy academic". I want to smack Norman with my philosophy degree now.

I'm sure some people, men and women, find it sexy. My base objection is the fantasyland of "in Gor, all women are like this". Ew.