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[Life] Streetfair and Pen Geekery

For those local folks who were curious, yes, I'm gonna be at the street fair this afternoon, heading over about 12:30-ish. (I'll post a reminder of my cellular phone number locked to local friends, after this post.)

Well, the U Bookstore pen sale is ongoing, and I've succumbed to temptation and bought myself a Waterman Ici Et La and a Cross Century 2. Quick reviews of both:

The new Waterman has a great grip and weight to it, and good ink flow, but the nib is a little stiffer than I like. It may soften in time, or I may have to talk to nibs.com or something about getting a softer replacement nib, but I quite like the pen overall. The only real drawback to the Ici Et La is that it does not take a converter; it can only use cartridges. This is a downer, 'cause I personally prefer converters for home use and cartridges for travel. Still, it was definitely worth the $32 I got it for (yay pen sale)!

The Cross Century 2 is an interesting pen. As background, I've eyed the Cross Century before, which is a pen I like but find far too lightweight for comfortable use; it feels almost flimsy, compared to either of my ATXs, or /any/ of my Parkers. I've also looked at the Townsend, which is a pen I like the weight of, but find too thick/large to grip comfortably. (However, hank seems to find the Townsend good.) The Century 2 has the general look and size of the Century, but a more solid/heavier construction like the Townsend. The nib has just the right amount of give, and the ink flow is smooth and regular. Best yet, it uses standard Cross cartridges and converters, of which I have plenty due to my multiple ATXs. Though this will never replace my beloved Parker Inflection for sheer emotional resonance, I think I may have found a new favorite day-to-day pen. And absolutely worth the $35 or so it cost me. (Did I mention, 'yay pen sale?' Local folks, it's still going until Friday!)
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