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[Seattle] Yearly Tradition (and general invite!)

This weekend, probably Sunday afternoon, I will engage in the yearly post-birthday tradition of spending some time at the University District Street Fair.

This is a sort of general invite; if anyone would like to set a time to meet up at the street fair and wander in a crowd, lemme know? Cheers!

(shadowfey, if you'd rather do the U District fair with your mother, as it's a once-a-year event as opposed to the Fremont market's once-a-week, we can just do the U District fair instead of the market walk in the morning/midday. I am, however, happy to do both.)

And I need to make myself a 'Seattle' or 'Local Life' userpic, I think.
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solarbird and I are going to be down there on Sunday! Dara will be working the fair for part of the morning to get signatures on a renewable energy petition she's been advocating, and after that, probably in the early afternoon, we'll be walking the fair.
Darn. I'll be in Portland, filking...

Maybe next year... and maybe I'll bring cflute along. (I've got to get you two in the same proximity soon, just to see what'll happen... :)
I'll let you know what mom wants to do. :)
I'm looking forward to it, but I will have to bail for the Foolscap meeting. Are you going to play hooky this month?

I'll discuss it with you when I see you. :)

I think I might. I don't expect I'm absolutely required for this concom meeting, and I'm gonna be sort of wiped, especially since Saturday I have Weight Watchers, some errands and Writer's Cramp, and then the next weekend I'll be out of town.

I admit having a little downtime sounds good, rather than dashing about to the market, the fair, and then concom. ;)

Oh, the reporter did call and do the interview, btw.
That sounds fun. As long as it's not before noon, I'm game. [grin]
I doubt it will be before noon!
I may be out there for a bit with the fam, if you'd care to give a wave to some perfect strangers.

Sorry about the business with getting bucked and stomped. Do you wear a helmet when riding???