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[General] Pens, Writing, Music... and something missing.

Well, yesterday I went around to do errands with shadowfey and we made it to the pen sale. I picked up a new Waterman Ici Et La fountain pen. Yes, I know I don't NEED any more fountain pens, but hey, it was 50% off during the pen sale. And it's a pretty pearl-y lilac color. (I'd have gotten my usual blue, but they only had blue in medium tip nibs and I prefer fine tip. On the other hand, $30... maybe I'll go back and get a blue one too!)

Also picked up some new Clairfontaine notebooks, since I'm almost out of notebooks in general and I've come to prefer Clairfontaine's paper.

After the pen sale, met up with hank to head to Charles de Lint's reading, talk and signing. He read from Widdershins, the newest Newford book. Answered questions about stuff, including writing. Found out that he also finds his writing keys off of music, and -- like I do -- he makes up playlists for specific books and characters, and then listens to those particular playlists when he needs to write that character.

He and his wife MaryAnn also performed a number of songs. Charles de Lint is an amazing guitarist and has a wonderful singing voice, so that was a lot of fun. He played a few songs by other people, and a bunch of his own songs like 'Medicine Road,' 'Cherokee Girl' and 'Sam's Song.'

The last one is a song about an abandoned dog waiting faithfully and hopefully by the side of the road for its master to return. Poignant, and today -- with Claire away at the vet -- one that kind of resonates. (Hence my Claire userpic, despite most of the post being more likely to earn the 'writing' one.)

Claire's off being spayed finally, after the previous failed attempt (when she went into heat the day she was supposed to go to the vet). I know it's silly to be worried or miss her so much already when she's been gone only an hour and a half. But I'm used to her being curled up under my desk at my feet (or, admittedly, sometimes running around my chair madly barking when she thinks I need to get up and play with her), and it's really distracting me that she /isn't/ there.

Fret fret fret. They're going to call me as soon as she's out of surgery. I know this is something I need to have done, but I still worry about my little girl...
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