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Riding, Roman

[Horses] Feeding the Brat, and Tack Shop Adventures

I'll make my actual riding post for Thursday and Friday sometime tomorrow. In the meantime...

I went by the tack shop today, since they were having some sales. I picked up a nice riding shirt, lightweight and breathable, and I also picked up an Ariat riding jacket (which doubles as a sweatshirt hoodie) which I am absolutely in love with. (And so is a friend who tried it on!) Dad tagged along to see the tack shop, and then I helped him do some errands on the eastside.

Then we stopped by the stables, where I took Roman out to graze (where he happily snorfed up dandelions as usual), and gave him a horse granola bar that I picked up at the tack shop. He enjoyed it so much he licked my hands clean while dad took a picture. (Terrible pic of me, but not a bad one of Roman.)

My instructor joked on Friday that I clearly just need to sell a book so I can use the entire advance to buy a horse of my own. If only it were so easy! ;P


clearly just need to sell a book so I can use the entire advance to buy a horse of my own.

*snort* For years the missus has been saying that as soon as one of her books sells big, I can retire and be her cabana boy. But now I see the real plan: Horse for her, while I clean the stables. Thanks for the tip-off.

PS: Long-time fan, first time commenting. Hello from Ballard!
Hello back from nearby (and slightly less sane) Fremont!

...I have fans?
Well, not a poster on my wall of you with 80's hair, or anything like that.

Became aware of your presence several years ago, in conjunction with the listserve package you used to dink with. Did consider trying to recruit you at the time (does that constitute fandom?) but in retrospect you're much happier where you are. Trust me. And then only recently stumbled across this and began lurking (which I guess constitutes fandom, but creeps me out). Innnnteresting.
OH, wow, you are looking so good these days! Rawr! :)
Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything until you pointed that out.

Oh, wow, I just thought of something really creepy to say. It's not true, but it's funny, SF-related, and a quote. "I'll be in my bunk."