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[Horses] Feeding the Brat, and Tack Shop Adventures

I'll make my actual riding post for Thursday and Friday sometime tomorrow. In the meantime...

I went by the tack shop today, since they were having some sales. I picked up a nice riding shirt, lightweight and breathable, and I also picked up an Ariat riding jacket (which doubles as a sweatshirt hoodie) which I am absolutely in love with. (And so is a friend who tried it on!) Dad tagged along to see the tack shop, and then I helped him do some errands on the eastside.

Then we stopped by the stables, where I took Roman out to graze (where he happily snorfed up dandelions as usual), and gave him a horse granola bar that I picked up at the tack shop. He enjoyed it so much he licked my hands clean while dad took a picture. (Terrible pic of me, but not a bad one of Roman.)

My instructor joked on Friday that I clearly just need to sell a book so I can use the entire advance to buy a horse of my own. If only it were so easy! ;P
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