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[NodeRun] Server Restored


Segfault's back up and running, now as a SELinux box with automated updates enabled. Mail is flowing again. The ASoIaF forums need to be reinstalled, but everything else should be good.

Over on snafu, most stuff is semi-prepared for Snafu's eventual conversion to SELinux. I have a few last things to have shut down and moved over to the bigger drive, but nothing crucial. Most stuff is there already, which means I should be able to have them reformat the system drive, install, and bring up an SELinux box without wiping everyone's user data.

'course, going through and assigning SELinux contexts to all of snafu's resources will be a bloody pain, but it's probably worth doing. Grngh.

I think I need a slice of cheesecake or something.
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