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Glare, Grouchy

[NodeRun] Better and better....

Lovely. One of my servers was rooted. Apparently, through an exploit in PHP (which I've been too busy to recompile for a few weeks). Fun fun fun. Time to reinstall from scratch, always a joy.

Some days I wonder why I bother keeping servers. It costs money, and brings aggravation. Granted, this feeling is probably because I'm burned out in general right now, but...


Segfault. The big, powerful spillover server; it only handled all the mail filtery stuff, and the Song of Ice and Fire forums, and my own experiments.

It could be a lot worse, but now I figure I better finish moving everything on snafu to the new data partition (which reminds me, please go shut down all your games and let me know when you've done so, so that I can move them over), and then schedule a time to blow away snafu and install a newer OS. Gnrrgh.
*snerk* you name your servers after screwups?

What OS you running these days, one is curious...
Indeedy: snafu, segfault, glitch.

Snafu and segfault are Linux, glitch is OS X.
We suggested this kind of naming scheme to our chief systems manager, but he suffered a sense of humour failure and went for dull and unimaginative names like pc0001, pc0002, pc0003, ...

My home computers are named after my cats. Except for the PowerBook, which is named after my scientific hero Simon Newcomb, and my shiny new HP 1320n network-enabled printer, which is named after William Tyndale for convoluted and quirky reasons which would probably cause you to shake your head, back away slowly, and quietly mutter crazy English guy ;-)
Oh, sucky. Sorry to hear it.
It happens. Now it's an SELinux box. I'm not looking forward to converting snafu -- setting security contexts on everything will be a headache and a half -- but eh, I think it's time Snafu got updated to something more recent and more secure.
Considering OGR was down for, oh, what? 60 seconds? And then back up again before I could even consider trying to login to the box to see what was up or poke you on MSN, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you do. :)

Big headache for you, but it's all fixed up, right? I feel pretty good about how it went down on our end -- and heck, I didn't even know there was a problem until OGR was shut down and I said to someone elsemu*, "Erm, OGR just went down..." They said to check my email, I did so, found your emails... and then OGR was back up. Heh.

My point: good work. :) *HUGS*

Bummer, but hang in there

Isn't it always about the time you really get a machine setup properly, it's time to re-install from scratch?