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Science Fiction, TARDIS, Time Travel

[Geek] Doctor Who audio drama goodness whee!

So, a while ago, I blew more money than I should have ordering two CDs from the UK. (Especially 'blew more than I should have,' having learned since then that there's an American reseller who would've been cheaper. Ah, well.) The other day, they arrived.

I now am in possession of my two favorite Eighth Doctor audio serials once more: Storm Warning (the first Eighth Doctor adventure post-movie in the audio serial continuity, introducing Charley Pollard), and The Chimes of Midnight (considered by many to be one of the best, and creepiest, Doctor Who serials period).

I spent a chunk of time converting the multi-CD radio-style dramas to iTunes/iPod audiobook format (nicely split into the component episodes), and am muchly pleased with the result. This both makes it easier to listen to, AND means I won't have to order copies AGAIN. (First copy of Storm Warning, stolen. Second copy of Storm Warning, lost during a move. Third copy is bloody well being backed up digitally.)

Next, I really still do need to get another copy of Minuet in Hell, which I only ever heard a friend's copy of (and never heard the final episode of), and which has my favorite recurring Doctor Who ally (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart). I'd also like to get all the ones leading up to the Zagreus saga (including NeverLand, where Romana appears), which I've never heard. So many to catch up on since I last heard.

I'm sane and sensible about most of my fandoms, a casual fan. But, Doctor Who? Noooooot so much. ;)
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Actually, I like it. I know many people think the 'proper' version is the one introduced in the early 1980's, the re-orchestration of the theme on a proper synth which added the 'scream' to the beginning of the opening theme, as well as the ending... and I'd tend to agree. HOWEVER. I don't think that would've gone over well with audiences here, and they /did/ want to market Doctor Who overseas. Most US viewers don't know the original series, and wouldn't care about the original theme; they'd just think it sounded dated.

This one sounds good -- I like the version for the Tenth Doctor better than the Ninth (there /are/ differences, beyond just the restoration of the middle 8), but I like it overall. It's directly inspired by the 1980's version, but the original 1960's theme is sampled underneath it if you listen carefully; he reused instruments from the very first version. There are also the TARDIS engine noise, the Dalek ray gun, and the March of the Cybermen all sampled in as part of the background.

To me, it was a great work, really. It sounds 'modern' and won't make the show feel dated to newcomers, but it also still /feels/ like the Doctor Who theme to me... and the samples of the old noises really tie it all together.

As for 'The Girl in the Fireplace,' I enjoyed the episode, though there were a few things I thought were silly. And it suffered coming after 'School Reunion,' which was THE BEST EPISODE EVAR. Still, enjoyable... and anything with 18th century clockwork androids earns bonus points with me. And next episode looks like it will ROCK. :)