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Car, Beetle

[Geek] Rocket-Beetle

I consider myself a bit of a mad scientist at times. But this guy takes the prize. He literally added a jet engine to a VW New Beetle (in fact, the same model as Skuld, just a different color), and made it WORK.

Scariest note: 'Jet intake keeps sucking rose out of bud vase.'



The scooter at the bottom of the page is pretty slick, too!
That's awesome. I sent this around to the engine guys at work. They can toss it over the cubicle walls to the T58 crew. XD
Thats too cool, im going to have to steal that and post it to my blog as well

What I want to know is, why does he not talk about noise? A jet turbine makes a LOT of noise. That alone would be a sufficient cause for a ticket from that cop, assuming that they had actually run the engine for any length of time.
Depends on where they run it. If he ran it at work, it might be considered an industrial area. Plus, if it's daytime and no one complains, it's probably not going to be much of an issue.

I love it when people do crazy stuff to cars in a highly engineered manner.

Just throwing an aftermarket noisy muffler on a car? Lame.
Reingeineering a car entirely to use a jet engine? COOL!
I ran into that last night and passed it on to Jon Singer for his boss, who has a larger jet he wants to attach to his boat. I saw a less detailed news story :

> T58-8F + VW
> http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2006/04/30/MNGJGII7BB1.DTL&type=cars

What I'm curious to know is, where did he get the jet engine? The article doesn't explain, except to say that it's actually from a helicopter, so presumably the guy either has a helicopter junk yard nearby, or a friend who works in a helicopter factory.
The things you can find on eBay are many and varied...
The T58's a commercial engine from General Electric. You can't buy them new any more, but you can buy them piecemeal.

- Check out this article, it explains where he got it from. :)

- You can often find some really kickass stuff in military surplus sales.

- In Tucson Arizona, there is a HUEG LIEK XBOX graveyard of almost-functional aircraft. They can be yours if the price is right!