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I am getting so, so damn sick of cancer. Well, I'm getting tired of people dying, but cancer in particular...

I just caught up on e-mail after making my riding post, and discovered that Peter Millard (a.k.a. 'pgm') has finally lost his battle with cancer. We thought he had beat it last year (and there was much happiness), but it returned with a vengeance, and the complications got him. The night of April 26th, Peter Millard passed away. His own blog still stands at where it was left, in March, before his health got worse again. The discovery, progress, and seeming defeat of the cancer, along with the birth of his daughter Zoe, are all chronicled there.

Those in the Jabber/XMPP community will no doubt be familiar with Peter. The sysadmin of Jabber.org, and the creator of the Exodus Jabber client (which was in many ways the reference implementation of the XMPP protocol), he was always there to help other people understand the protocols, and to help get another client up and going in their first Jabber work. An old interview with him shows a little of how he was involved.

It was my honor, and pleasure, to get to work with him when first rejoining the Jabber community. I know of no Jabber developers who haven't benefited from Peter's tireless efforts to clean up the protocol and keep jabber.org itself (which he was sysadmin for) running.

Even more unusually, he was one of the most generous, understanding, tolerant and generally just /nice/ people you would ever have the pleasure to meet. Not only the Jabber development community but the world as a whole is a little poorer for his passing. I know all of us who knew Peter will miss him, but that's nothing compared what his wife Christina and daughter Zoe must be going through. (Well, admittedly, Zoe is only about six months old, but still.) My sympathies go out to them.

The Jabber community is going to probably be setting up a fund to help them out in this rough spell. Any Jabber user who is interested should probably watch the Exodus page (or stpeter's blog) for details.

Rest in peace, pgm... :(
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