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ph34r m3...

SeattleSparks: Booya.
EcchiShuri: Woot
SeattleSparks: w00t, dammit. It's 'w00t'.
EcchiShuri: Alright, I w00t.
EcchiShuri: j00 win.
SeattleSparks: haha j00 will ph34r my m4d net.grammer debate skillz!
EcchiShuri: 17z gr4mm4r, f00.
SeattleSparks: LOL
EcchiShuri: l34rn h0w 2 sp3ll. :>
SeattleSparks: skrew j00 f0kk3r. :P
EcchiShuri: fux0r!
SeattleSparks: lol u r suc a l0ser u typ stupid i am so much coler tan u ha ha
EcchiShuri: o.o
EcchiShuri: j00 w1n.

..and thus are the AIM conversations born while bored and waiting for a build to fire off at work...
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