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So, it's been a good day. I started it by helping take care of my sick mother, because my dad is out of town. Bought groceries, got tea for her, etc... and walked the dog, who hadn't been walked in 4 days (poor guy was going nuts). The dog got a lot of attention - he's a gorgeous 100+ pound 8-year-old Samouyed with some wolf blood - and loved every minute of it... plus, we bumped into two of my best friends from high school, who the dog hadn't seen in a year or so (and who I hadn't seen for a few weeks). And as a result, the dog and I both got to meet the nephew of one of my friends, an adorable little toddler named Ethan. My poor dog suffered the indignity of having this toddler pull his fur and play with his ears and tail, and even gave the kid a ride on his back and licked him. ('Goggy! Hahahah! Goggy swilly! Goob goggy!')

After my roommate got back, we went out to a movie , which we just got back from. We saw 'America's Sweethearts', which was actually one of the funniest and most enjoyable movies I've seen in a while. It's funny, really. All the critics I read really panned it as an 'unrealistic portrayal of Hollywood', but I figure... it's supposed to be fiction. If people can put aside their disbelief in magic and spaceships and whatever else... why not this? And besides, it was FUN. The right people end up together, it had a satisfying ending, and even at least one surprise twist! What more do you need? :)

So now we're back home, with my roommate's sister in tow. She's glued herself to my PS2 to play 'Dark Cloud'... I swear, that game is like digital crack cocaine. Every houseguest we have becomes addicted to it... the one before my roommate's sister is planning to purchase a PS2 specifically because of the game, I believe!

All in all, a good day, despite an initial bad start. :)
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