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FF Sparks (Out and About), Travel

[Life] A Good Place...

You can tell you've found a good place when they really treat their regulars right.

Today at the tea place I always go to eat lunch, it was very crowded. The line to the register was long. But by the time I reached the register, Chris (one of the baristas) had already done my drink for me, as they know my order by heart. (Not like I don't order the same thing every day, as I have for a year and a half).

It's little things like this which make me so devoted to my hangout. (Well, that and that unlike all the other chains, they actually have GOOD tea.) :)
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Incidentally, finally took orv to Blue C. And got up the courage to eat big slabs of raw salmon. Surprisingly excellent, that.
I think I've mentioned before that I regard many cooked-salmon dishes as a waste of perfectly good salmon. ;)
Did I tell you I ate raw tuna at an enkai a few weeks ago?

Was pretty tasty, actually. ;)

(Tuna, however, has always been The Fish I Don't Mind Eating. My overall position on fish has not shifted.)