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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Friendship

I've mentioned before about Claire's friend Mishka, the elderly German Shepherd at Gypsy Trader. Claire has known Mishka since Claire was about 10 weeks old, and visits her almost every day.

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I wanted the picture a few moments earlier, from when Claire was curled up against Mishka. But as soon as I got the camera-phone out, Claire started moving around. Fooie!
Every puppy should have a doggy friend :-)

On an entirely unrelated note, is CBC showing the new series of Doctor Who yet? Here in England, we saw the first episode of the new series last night, and this morning I saw a trailer for the rest of the series. K-9! Yay!
CBC is not showing it until the fall. :(

Apparently, the first episode of the new series was the most popular show on television last night. Billie Piper got the chance to display a genuine talent for comedy and impersonation.

Next week's episode looks like being scary hide-behind-the-sofa stuff. Excellent. :-)

I would never torment a fellow fan with spoilers.

The second link is the only one which gives away any kind of plotline, and even then, only enough to whet the appetite. The BBC news web site posted it several hours before the episode aired.

Amazon.co.uk is listing Series 2, Volume 1 on DVD with a release date of May 1st. No indication of how many episodes will be on it, but presumably the first three (April 15, April 22, April 29). The price is ten pounds, which is around $17 at current exchange rates, though the shipping costs are likely to be as much again as the disc, so you're looking at $35 for three episodes.

Also, it's a Region 2 disc, and I don't know how prevalent multi-region players are in the U.S. They are quite popular here in Britain, because the Region 1 versions of many U.S. shows are available several months ahead of the Region 2 release. That's how I manage to satisfy my Fullmetal Alchemist cravings, for example, because the Region 2 releases lag five or six months behind the U.S. version.
Actually, I'm just going to be a day or so behind. A friend usually records off of a BBC satellite feed. (And heck, not like they're not getting my DVD money anyway. I'm just disinclined to wait until September for CBC to get off their asses. Pushing Doctor Who back for /hockey/? Where are their PRIORITIES? Hrmph.)

Having now seen the episode... I have a new respect for Billie Piper as an actress. She was GOOD in this episode. And even if the 'main' storyline was not that interesting, the character stuff was excellent.

(And yay, werewolves next week! We haven't had a really good 'creepy' behind-the-sofa episode since The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways was behind-the-sofa suspense, but not in the way that, like, The Unquiet Dead and all were.)
I'm guessing that your friend pays some kind of subscription to get the BBC via satellite. In any case, I pay £130 (about $220) to the BBC each year through the television licence fee, so I helped to pay for the new series, and I don't mind sharing it with you :-)

I know what you mean about good shows being replaced by tedious sport. Most of the good stuff on the BBC is being replaced with snooker for the next week or two. Grrr.

I'm glad that you agreed with my assessment of Billie Piper's performance. Let's hope that the script-writers will now give her the opportunity to develop the role beyond the ditzy blonde sidekick.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances was indeed classic behind-the-sofa Doctor Who. "Mummy? Are you my mummy?". Excellent.
I am EXCEEDINGLY eager now for the BBC miniseries adaptation of 'The Ruby in the Smoke.' I've been a Pullman fan for ages, and I think the Lockhart stories are -- on the whole -- better than His Dark Materials. (Though I love His Dark Materials, and I think 'The Golden Compass' is, taken on its own, better than any of the individual Lockhart stories.)

I'd been sort of 'hrm, I guess she could do it' until now, but suddenly, I REALLY think that Billie Piper will be an absolutely brilliant Sally Lockhart. (Or, as the last incarnation of the Doctor would say, "She'll be fan-TAS-tic!")