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[Geek] Foolscap Sale

Forgive the brief, blatant advertisement. Since I'm doing PR for Foolscap, I'm going to try and put it a few places I think people might be interested. ;)

Foolscap is a small Northwest convention focused originally on only the written form of speculative fiction. (That expanded to become comic books and art as well, but it is still focused on 'things that are flat.') The convention is mostly a discussion convention; guests and attendees sit down and talk about things that interest them.

Foolscap VIII is September 24-26 at the Bellevue Sheraton. The guests of honor are C.J. Cherryh and Kage Baker.

Why am I posting so far in advance? Well...

Foolscap will have a table at Norwescon where we'll be offering memberships for $35.00 ($10.00 off our current price) to anyone who buys two or more memberships. We'll also be offering a limited number of student memberships (must show current student ID) for $25.00.

If you'll be at Norwescon this weekend, and think Foolscap might interest you, this will probably be the best membership price you'll get!
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