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Writing, FF Sparks (Writing)

[Writing] Clarion West...

As I just wrote over in alexpiper, I think I've lost my mind. I've just sent my application packet and application fee off to Clarion West.

I have no clue how I'd take six weeks off to attend it. And that's assuming they even accepted me. But... ulp!


Yeah, the amount of time needed is non-trivial, but I'd heard very few say that they weren't happy to have done it.

Just imagine if both MacLeods were teaching, a double Scotch socialist slug. That does look like a good slate of instructors, well worth trying for. Good luck with your application.

So alexpiper is your writer face, i assume.

Yeah, my userinfo page for this account has more info... but Alex Piper's my pen name, yep. :)
Good luck to you! demonhaunted on my Friends list did last year's Clarion West and really liked it. I'd take a stab at it myself if I could spare the tuition and the time. The six weeks thing really daunts me.