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[General] Weight, the Universe and Everything

I've come to the conclusion over the past few days that I'm feeling simultaneously accomplished and burned-out.

This week, I hit 155 pounds -- down from 223 in December 2004 -- and if I can maintain that for 3 more weeks, I make lifetime membership in Weight Watchers, and no longer have to pay. That's an accomplishment.

There's lots of other stuff. Work-code is going well, which is something to consider an accomplishment. My evenings-and-weekend coding project is going reasonably well, too. My writing is going a bit slowly later, because my hand was injured, but it's going well enough. I've gotten back into riding, and though my thighs hurt after several weeks without riding, it's going well enough again.

But despite that, I feel just... burned out and unmotivated right at the moment. Everything (well, except riding) feels like an obligation or a chore, rather than something fun. I don't really know /why/, or what I need to do to shake myself out of it. For the moment, I just keep plugging away.

I suspect it may be, at least in part, because the weekend trips I used to do haven't happened in months; ever since I got the puppy, I haven't really gone anywhere even overnight. No Vancouver trips, no Portland trips, nothing. So I've had no change of scenery and not much change of pace, and no doubt that's worn down a bit.

At any rate, if I seem subdued or less interested in engaging people in conversation, don't take it personally. I probably need to find a way to clear up some time, find something new and engaging to do.
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