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[General] Aaaaargh!

You know, I think what's driving me nuts most about this stupid hand injury? It impacts everything I do.

I prefer to write by hand... and the scrapes on my right hand (combined with the still-healing nastiness of my left hand, which I use to brace the notebook) prevent me from doing so comfortably. I can write on my laptop, of course, but that's still not terribly comfortable, especially after an entire day of writing code for work.

I can't go riding or even do stable chores; I can't hold reins properly right now, and holding a pitchfork to muck out stalls would be Unpleasant.

I can't go drive to my writing groups, because when I'm not on painkiller I can't hold the steering wheel with my left hand, and when I AM on painkiller it would be illegal to drive.

I can't even walk the dog easily, since swapping the leash into my left hand to try and collect anything after she does her business... is a painful experience at best.


Ahem. That particular frustration aside...

I went to take Claire to the vet yesterday to have her spayed. We'd been in for a pre-op checkup the week before, had tested her for allergies to make sure she wasn't allergic to anesthesia (one of my cats /did/ turn out to be allergic, and we didn't know until she was on the table, and though she came through fine it was a harrowing experience). Everything was go. And then? They tell me she's gone into heat RIGHT before the operation. *sigh* Rescheduled for mid-May. Ah, well.

I did also get about 1000 words written the other day on an odd little fantasy story written in the form of a Victorian newspaper article. I don't know if I'll finish it or not, but it felt good to get some writing done. I also did some editing on a friend's new short story. And I did get to Vanguard, which was nice, though it (unsurprisingly) turned into a wake for Octavia at one point. Next week, I'm presumably meeting with bluerain at some point for lunch, and also taking Vonda to Blue C since I owe her a sushi trip.

Hopefully by next week, also, my hand will be healed enough that I can ride. No riding this week is bumming me out quite a bit...

Off to clean the burn and re-dress it, then painkiller and SLEEP.
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