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[Health] The State of the Hand

The hand itself, for those who have asked, is healing up relatively well; a great deal of skin and flesh has returned. The problem is that muscles were torn, and they're healing too tight; this is the part that will require physical therapy, it appears. I cannot fully extend my thumb anymore... at least not without a feeling inside my hand of something about to tear, which is NOT a feeling I want.

The raw part keeps scabbing over, but every time I wash the wound to keep infection away, it tears the scabs off. (I am told this is part of the healing process. It still hurts like blue bloody blazes.)

Since several have expressed curiousity here are a few pictures...

One is of Friday (I think, possibly Thursday), roughly a week after the injury, right after cleaning. The blue outline roughly marks the original extent of the wound. The other is from tonight before going to Vanguard -- scabs and all.

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Ouch. Reminds me of this time I got slammed pretty hard into a rough brick wall (a game of tag gone wrong), got a nasty abrasion right through my shirt. Looked kinda like that, actually, except it was more of a nasty brownish/greenish color and the scab kept trying to slide off whether or not I did anything to it. Took forever to heal up...