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Sun Comes Out, Hope

[Seattle] Octavia Memorial Update

Local authors who will be speaking at Octavia's memorial this Thursday so far: Greg Bear, Joel Davis, L. Timmel DuChamp, Eileen Gunn, Brian Herbert, Leslie Howle, Vonda N. McIntyre, Nisi Shawl, and others.

If you're a local author (I know there are some on my flist) who was encouraged or influenced by Octavia, I think they're still accepting more speakers. Otherwise, the memorial is still open to all; anyone who knew Octavia or was touched by her work is invited.

(I promise, this is the last post about the memorial until after the one I'll post after the memorial about how it went.)


I think the first "after" in the fine print might be an artifact of the combination of grief and Vicodin.

I offer cheesy virtual text hugs, carefully placed so as not to put pressure on injured parts... {{{you}}}