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[Obit] Octavia, III

An actual obituary article on Octavia, rather than just the wire service obituary I linked to before. This will be in Monday's P-I.

There's a picture of her at the U Bookstore with the article, standing by where some of her books were displayed. I recognize the outfit; I think that's from the Fledgling signing only a few months ago. Sometime down the road, when I'm feeling a little more coherent (and a little less vicodin'd) I may try to write up the things I remember Octavia saying that night about why she wrote, about struggling with her years of writer's block between Fledgling and the work before it, and so on.

Of course, it's customary when a writer dies to lament the unwritten stories we'll never see. With Octavia, that's even more true; she'd just pushed past her long dry spell and the stories were starting to flow again. But someone else said it well already: forget the unwritten books, we just want Octavia herself back. :(
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